Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Dieting - DAY 1

Here's the plan for today: (if anyone knows of any way I can improve this please let me know!)

Breakfast - Weetabix with dried fruit & honey
1 slice wholemeal toast and a glass of fresh orange juice.

Lunch - Beans on wholemeal toast
Activia yoghurt, 2 wholegrain crackers

Tea - Potato croquets, steamed vegetables

I should mention I'm a very stict vegetarian (not to be mistaken for vegan!)

Monday, 30 March 2009

Day 1 of the Diet Starts Tomorrow.

I'm not giving in this time. It's not like I'm overweight but I feel SO fucking fat. Fat and ugly. I look in the mirror and I'm disgusted.

I'm 22 years old, almost 5ft 4", and I weight 8st 8lbs. I was underweight 'naturally' (well kind of... I never worried about my weight) when I was growing up. I hit 18/19 and was around 7st 11lbs and that's the way I liked it. I have to get back to that.... Being skinny was always my 'thing'. I stood out and I never even had to try to stay that way; it was just how I was.

Anyway I'm bloody well going to shift these pounds, beginning tomorrow (usual cliche but this time I'm sticking). I figured if I blog about it it might boost my willpower somehow and I'll be less inclined to give up after day 2 or even the first few hours.

My birthday is near the start of June. I want to be happy with my weight by the time I'm 23. Here goes.